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Long boring lectures vs Micro-learning

With the growing use of the internet, our attention span has reduced quite a bit. While longer run time works greatly for offline class, it’s not the most efficient way to teach online. Students can be easily distracted by other tabs on their browser. Some platforms have class run time of more than 30 minutes which is a lot to ask from a working professional who wants to consume educational content in their commute time.

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Want to Explore “snackable” content instead of long, boring lectures?

The structure of courses on our platform is focused on micro-learning. This means, the content will be no-nonsense, straightforward and crisp to the point where students can finish several chapters in their free time. This also gives a sense of achievement within the students, hence rewarding their behaviour and increasing willingness to learn more. The goal is to provide “snackable” content instead of long, boring lectures.