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What sets a highly-successful person apart from a less-successful one? It’s how an individual utilises their time.

We all have 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. What we do with our time is a major deciding factor of success in life. The conditioning we give to our mind, the kind of content we consume and the circle of people we surround ourselves with has a great impression on who we become and what height we achieve.

Our country clearly has a huge potential of becoming a world leader as most of us are of working age (25-45). If youngsters install a habit of continuous learning in their day to day life, no one can stop India from becoming a superpower. Our youngsters need to consciously pick and choose what kind of content they consume on a regular basis.

In earlier days, nepotism played a huge role in the employment chain but that’s not the case anymore, at least for the majority of the industries. Candidates are chosen based on their skill set and mindset and not because they are part of the business owner’s circle.

Moreover, globalisation has opened gates for all – anyone can work anywhere in the world. In such a cut-throat competitional environment, one cannot rely on a limited skill set. Continuous learning has become more important than ever.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the way we function in a working environment. Most of the companies have realised they can get more work done with fewer resources, hence threatening jobs for many. The coming future demands working professionals to expand their skill set in order to grow in such a competitive environment and not merely survive.