Growth personified

As any disruptive product, OTT Ventures, too, is born out of a gap that needed to be filled immediately. OTT ventures combines the power of the OTT industry with that of EdTech. We aim to deliver snackable educational content in an entertaining format for active learners to learn more and learn correctly.

On our platform, you will find tonnes of growth courses and programs including personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, financial, physical, mental and social.

In the coming decade, skills will be given more importance than any other factors. It’s more important than ever to keep upgrading knowledge or else you will miss out on several life-changing opportunities.

While entertainment is good, the learning aspect is crucial part of the equation for a young, potent individual.

Our platform will focus equally on the process and the end result. Each course will have dedicated teacher support which will allow students to communicate their difficulties and express their opinions / observations. The platform will also feature a student forum for peer-to-peer learning via discussions and QnA series.

Our thought

Our Mission

To change India’s habit and enable students from across the country to get quality education at an affordable price.

Our Vision

To deliver snackable educational content in an entertaining format.

Our values

Fair Education – Quality Education – Holistic Education

Why do we exist?

We observed a wide gap between a group of people who consumed entertainment content on OTTs vs those who consumed educational content on EdTech platforms.

Intensive research through surveys gave us a hint of why the young generation chose entertainment over education in their leisure hours.

This platform basically fills all the gaps that people felt, and encourages people to choose education.

We aim to deliver snackable educational content in an entertaining format for active learners to learn more and learn correctly.

Frequently asked questions

Our platform will offer a financially-inclusive monthly subscription based payment model to the users. We can also offer “credit” to younger students with school / college ID card so they can study now and pay later.

Our platform will host content in various vernacular languages along with English. We will be including some of the most spoken languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada, Odia and Malayalam.

Our platform will conduct live webinars on a regular basis. We will be inviting industry experts from various fields to speak on different topics. All these webinars will be available to our subscribers at no additional cost.

The structure of courses on our platform is focused on micro-learning. This means, the content will be no-nonsense, straightforward and crisp to the point where students can finish several chapters in their free time.


We strongly believe an affordable e-learning platform like ours can really stop our country’s assets (the youth) from becoming a liability.